Merry Christmas

I have  been skipping the gym lately due partly in part to my health. The other reason would be because of the festive mood.

I am thankful that i got to spend christmas with Yuhan. Seems like it is only when you have limited access to something that you learn to cherish the little time you have to accompany her. Sometime when i see her, all i feel like doing is to hug her and cry.

your spouse, your wife, your 50% of success in life

It’s 5.20am in the morning and here I am lying sick on my bed unable to sleep.

Honestly, the me from before has disappeared. Where I was once more comfortable with a single lifestyle, I crave the life of someone attached now. Guess it is part of me growing older and a part of me being exposed to the wonders and life of a family man.

“Your wife contributes to 50% of your success in life” is a quote that is often repeated. Honestly I can’t say i am glad things ended but I am pretty sure deep down that it was the right choice.

Recently I have been meeting up with a friend whom keeps proclaiming that all he wants is a good partner to settle down with. Yet his course of action does not support his goal. Flirting with girls, bringing different girls home to sleep with is something normal. It seems like his mind tells him that it is justifiable for him to play around till the right one comes along.

Honestly I find this mentality flawed unless the right girl he meant Is someone like him whom doesn’t mind sleeping with different guys till the right one comes along. But such people know deep inside that if their partner is like them, they won’t be able to accept it. Funny how this reminded me exactly of my last relationship.

See in life you must have a plan. A plan with actions that can be taken to reach. Without the actions that are possible to take, it is nothing but a dream. Sometimes, things do not work according to the plan you have laid out. External factors does not allow for what you want to occur. Which is why your plan should be flexible.

This applies to your relationship too. Have a plan on what you want at the end of the day. Divorce rates today are just ridiculous. Both guys and girls are out to have fun, having affair like no ones business. Seems like the word responsibility and respect are the hardest to find in a partner today. You get into a relationship and pray that nothing goes wrong. We leave things up to chances!

That is crazy. To leave 50% of your life up to chances. A relationship is a like a gamble i heard. Well that is true but how about gambling on the right person whom knows that life is not about having fun only. Somone responsible, someone respectable, someone whom i know betting 50% of my life on her is gonna be worth it. Someone whom knows what she wants and has the ability to put the right action into place.

I have seen so many successful relationship, i have seen those that failed and i truely believe that the main difference lies in the action they take to make their marriage a success.


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